History of SoCaTO

The Canadian Society for Traditional Osteopathy (Socato) is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2001.

Socato is a governing body, independent from, and not affiliated with any osteopathic school.

Thanks to the many benefits of osteopathy, its popularity is steadily growing throughout Canada.  Although it is increasingly well known by patients, and by the medical community, osteopathy has yet to receive official recognition by the Canadian government.

In order to help strengthen osteopathy in this country, Socato was originally founded by a group of four volunteers.  Socato’s scope has increased significantly, and continues to grow.

Socato seeks cohesion with other Canadian osteopathic organisations, unifying towards the common goal of the profession’s recognition, and augmenting the caliber of Canadian osteopaths, this for the benefit and for the safety of the public.

The Canadian Society for Traditional Osteopathy aims to:

  • promote and enhance the practise and the recognition of osteopathy in Canada;
  • ensure the practise of ethical osteopathy, for the public good;
  • inform the public of exemplary osteopathy, for the public good;
  • provide a strong organization acting also in the interest of osteopaths.