COVID-19 Information

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Dear members,

Like you, Socato is very aware of the situation surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19.  Protecting the public is of course of paramount importance.

These next few weeks are crucial as we all know, and even though we are all uncertain of future financial implications, we must act professionally, and all do our part to stem the transmission of the virus.

It is mandatory for us all to follow the government’s decree regarding essential services.  Although unprecedented, we at Socato urge you to cease treating patients for now, as an imperative, preventative measure, in order to help protect the public, yourselves and your families.

Let us all keep abreast of and follow the recommendations of the authorities.

We must, of course, self-isolate, should we, or members of our family begin to show any signs of infection.

You may well have heard yesterday, March 25th our Prime Minister’s announcements regarding obtaining financial aide, via the new Emergency Support and Emergency Care benefits.

The Government of Canada has adopted measures, in order to provide those not eligible for Employment Insurance with up to $2000 per month (allocated every four weeks) for a period of four months (or the disbursements can be delayed until October 3rd), and retroactive to March 15th.

Individuals may use the Canada Revenue Agency site, via My Account, or the dedicated phone line (as of now, on the 6th of April), and applicants can receive the first month’s funds as soon as 10 days later.

Please consult the CRA site before April 6th to know what personal information will be required of you.

We at Socato thank you for your vigilance in helping to protect everyone’s health, by refraining from practising, by washing your hands regularly, maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres from those outside your home, and by avoiding congregating in groups of more than two, outside of your immediate family, during this time of attempted reduction of the spread of COVID-19.

Even though closing one’s clinic’s doors causes us all great stress, the long-term benefit will be well-worth it.

We wish for you and your family to stay safe and centred during these troubling times.  We will eventually emerge on the other side of them.

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